Hiring and networking
at organizations and events

Add hiring and networking
to your events.
Attract new exhibitors
and attendees with new innovation.
Help your attendees and exhibitors
achieve more during their visit.
Connect your attendees, increase social media buzz, and view your attendees' successes in real time.
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Exhibitors hire attendees, generate $25K-100K in savings per hire, offer new sponsorships, and get unique analytics.
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Connections are everything

Visitors arrive with many goals, some of which are sensitive or confidential.
By focusing on the interaction, we use these goals to connect people in better ways.
I met more relevant people this year than ever before.
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We work through every objective one by one, helping attendees find the right people and resources to achieve their goals. Then, we show you the organizer precisely what your attendees are coming to your event to do.
We found a strategic partner and kept our identity hidden.
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Some attendees come to an event with important objectives they cannot divulge. Our patented technology helps them find people who precisely match what they are looking for while preserving their anonymity.
I was reminded whom to follow up with weeks later.
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A contact I met ran out of business cards and I would have lost that opportunity. I had his details from our original messages and the platform even reminded us to reconnect after the event ended.
We gained an extra $125,000 by hiring this year.
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Attendees at industry events are often the best and most desirable in their industry. Protect your exhibitors' own employees and help them hire from the attendee pool and they save $25,000-$50,000 in costs for every hire.
I applied for jobs discreetly and got interviewed on site.
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The best employers exhibit at the events I go to, but before I've had to apply on a different website for every company. Now, I add my details and submit all my job applications in one place.
Our sponsorship got us traffic and great analytics.
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Our sponsorship opportunities give sponsors massive exposure and no competition. We send them traffic and measure the value they are receiving in impressions and clicks with real-time analytics.

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