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Apply.co streamlines and improves hiring for companies across the world.

We increase the information candidates can provide you at the early stage, giving them a better chance to show why they are worth the effort.

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Xentrix Studios is the world's fastest-growing service animation studio with operations in the USA and India.

Xentrix has screened well over 10,000 applicants, hired 100s of new employees, better coordinated its team by reducing e-mail and relying on internal tasks and messaging, and used portfolios and technical tests extensively to test candidates' animation abilities.

Xentrix has cut its early-stage recruiting time by 50% using Apply.co. Click here to visit Xentrix's career site.


Apply.co is awesome.

Executive Vice President,
Xentrix Studios

I'm surprised by
how powerful it is.

Founder, Bay Area
Technology Startup

This is better
than Taleo to us.

Head of HR, Washington DC
Engineering Consulting Firm

This is genius, guys.
Absolute genius.

General Manager, Cava Mezze

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