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Job Description

The Lighting Supervisor’s primary responsibility is to achieve the visual style of the project/s based on clients requirement and to design a workflow for lookdev and shot production stages to make sure the approved look is consistently achieved in shot production within a predetermined deadline. Oversee day-to-day operations of the lighting and compositing teams, ensuring the lighting of the shots is created according to the creative direction and visual style of the animated feature. This will require partnering with the Lighting, Compositing Leads and Production Manager.

Primary Responsibilities:


  • Works with Creative Director to achieve the visual style of the project/s.

  • Supervises the lighting and compositing teams to deliver the expected and desired look of the project.

  • Responsible for ensuring and maintaining the quality and desired look of the shots across the project.

  • Designs and implements lighting pipelines tools and procedures for CG productions.

  • Works with team leads to ensure artist's assignment is done based on their individual skills and strengths.

  • Works with artists and the Producer to implement techniques and solve production issues.

  • Should look at lighting inputs (Animation files, Animatics and assets) and be able to detect / solve production related issues, by working with other departmental leads.

  • Responsible for reviewing the work of each artist on a regular basis and approving shots for compositing uploads.

  • Responsible for directing and guiding the project final deliveries on schedule and on budget, balancing artistic and productivity requirements, in tandem with production management.

  • Actively participates in the recruiting and staffing of the lighting and compositing team - assesses the work of prospective candidates for the hiring process and works with HR on hiring decisions.

  • Partners with HR to guide artists’ overall professional development, providing performance feedback, mentoring, resolving performance management issues and maintaining positive morale amongst the team.

  • Attend all relevant meetings to promote effective communication throughout the production team.

  • Working with producer in planning and scheduling the project, in terms of deliveries, team allotments and render node allocations.

  • Should stand as an example for the team, to keep up the morale and ethics of the Studio.



Desired Qualifications:


  • Experience as a Lighting Supervisor / Sequence Supervisor / CG Supervisor or similar role in CG Animation and/or VFX production.

  • Exhibit strong creative sense and an eye to capture the mistakes faster.

  • Notable production experience with CG lighting and compositing.

  • Strong knowledge and technical understanding of digital pipeline issues.

  • Strong working knowledge in Maya, Mental ray and Nuke.

  • Knowledge on other render engines like Renderman, Arnold, 3Delight or VRay is an advantage.

  • Knowledge of MEL or SL or Python is an advantage.

  • Ability to plan and execute complex 3d lighting scenes including working with layers and passes, doing complex comps and optimizing scenes and renders

  • Ability to present work and communicate clearly to artistic and studio leadership.

  • Must be able to work in a collaborative environment, taking as well as giving direction with poise.

Company Profile


Xentrix was founded in Bangalore in June 2010 when old friends and competitors Viren Patil and Jai Natarajan found themselves simultaneously transitioning from previous commitments. They were joined by a multinational group of senior industry people who had already experienced success in their careers, and were all driven by the desire to work together and co-create a new artist-driven animation studio.

The founding team at Xentrix consists of this close-knit group of executives, with senior staff in Bangalore and Los Angeles.

The goal at Xentrix is to leverage our collective past industry experience and build a high quality studio we can be proud of. We have successfully delivered hundreds of hours of TV, DVD and game graphics. Our key members have decade-long track records of delivery for marquee international clients on globally recognized brands. We have built, managed and mentored studios with several hundred artists and have managed over $50+ MM of global service projects. All key personnel have hands-on experience in the CG pipeline, production and client management. In what is a frequently volatile and highly complex business, we consider domain expertise & experience to be the determining factors in success.


Job Details

Full time as Employee

Bangalore, India

Start date: Starts immediately

This job is ongoing/permanent

Expected travel: 0%

Compensation type: Salary

No benefits specified

Unable to sponsor non-resident workers

Security clearance: None required

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