Your attendees can achieve more.

 Communicate, schedule, and meet 

Create targeted meetings among individuals that
achieve your attendees' actual goals.
  •   Attendees connect for specific purposes
  •   Increase social media buzz at your event
  •   Works with existing event apps
  •   Anonymity for sensitive or confidential goals
  •   Accessible for 60+ days for each event
  •   Attendees only meet if they attend

Focused and effective

Find people

Using, attendees can schedule meetings with explicit goals in mind.


Achieve goals

We handle any professional goal, helping attendees accomplish more than they can on their own.


Stay in touch

We help attendees connect afterwards, maximizing their long-term chances of success.

Your insight

Know what your attendees want
without relying on surveys.
Watch engagement grow
in real time.
Watch social media buzz build
automatically, with no work from you.

 Easy to set up 

Everything you need.
  • Multiplatform
  • Cross-browser
  • Fast registration
  • Safe and secure site
  • No extra app required
  • Direct access to senior team for support
  • Custom branding
  • Deploys globally

 Unparalleled support and responsiveness 

Talk to our senior team

Clients have a direct line to our CEO. Whatever your issue, we take it seriously and resolve it quickly.

E-mail and Phone Support

We provide e-mail and phone access for clients across the world. Whether your event is in San Francisco or Tokyo, we are responsive.

Smart Priority

We give events highest priority status in support and technology when customers are onsite. When the stakes are highest, we are ready to help.

Flexible customization

We can customize your new platform for your needs, brand, and style.

Your first step

Whatever your needs,
let us help.