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The many benefits of hiring

Trade shows, conferences, and internal events
all benefit from EventRecruit.

Increase registrations

Win exhibitors and attendees
who need hiring help

Create big value

One hire can be worth as much as $150K.
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Enhance your brand

Associate your event with hiring
and create long-term reward

New sponsorships

Increase your revenues with
new sponsorship opportunities

Easy set up

Your platform can be ready up to two months early.

Free social media buzz

We tweet for you, building buzz
with no work for your team

 Long-lasting value 

Many attendees walk booths repetitively asking about job openings. Exhibitors often give them their website, where many never go and where applications are often neglected or not submitted.'s central hiring portal and one application for all changes this experience into an easy fast process, up to $150,000 in exhibitor savings per hire and a new career for your attendee.

The value to exhibitors

One application for all exhibitors

We collect resumes, portfolios, and social media about attendees
that exhibitors value at $100s or $1000s each.
  • Candidates are ranked by ability
  • Work samples, videos, and audio
  • Interviews and scheduling
  • Technical file-based tests
  • Portfolio-viewer-thumb
  • Skype logo Skype calls
  • Linkedin logo LinkedIn
  • Twitter logo Twitter feeds


SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 logo
As official provider to SIGGRAPH Asia in Hong Kong, provided recruiting technology for an event serving 7,000 people across all of Southeast Asia.

Over 2 months of access to jobs

Our platform can be available to users for over 60 days before, during, and after the event occurs.

Beautiful analytics for everyone

We provide analytics to both the organizer and its exhibitors, driving value at executive-level for both groups.

Candidate Portfolios

SIGGRAPH benefitted from advanced job applications with multimedia candidate portfolios, interviews, and technical tests.

Custom Branding

Custom-built landing pages with SIGGRAPH branding reinforced its image as a technology leader in its industry.

Click here to visit the SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 event portal


Our platforms are responsive, built in the USA,
and they work on desktop, mobile, and tablet.
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 Unparalleled support and responsiveness 

Talk to our senior team

Clients have a direct line to our CEO. Whatever your issue, we take it seriously and resolve it quickly.

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We provide e-mail and phone access for clients across the world. Whether your event is in San Francisco or Tokyo, we are responsive.

Smart Priority

We give events highest priority status in support and technology when customers are onsite. When the stakes are highest, we are ready to help.

Flexible customization

We can customize your new platform for your needs, brand, and style.

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